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Welcome to Dkoi Inc

We manufacture and sell attractive portable digital sign trailers.

Mobile Sign Trailers

High resolution sign

Attract attention with crisp clear images and videos.  Sign is 4' tall by 8' wide, double sided.

Elevate your message

Raise the sign up, to be easily seen from a distance.

Optional on-board generator with LARGE fuel tank

Optional Onan generator, for mobile advertising anywhere.  Built in for ultimate convenience.

Tows easily

You will barely know it's back there!

Content Library

Each sign includes a library of attractive videos pre-formatted to fit the sign.

Attract a crowd

Bright attractive mobile sign, attracts a lot of attention.

This unit gathers a lot of attention!  

Sign Trailer Details

How-To Videos

How to display pictures on your DKOI mobile sign

How to connect with your DKOI mobile sign

How to display video on your DKOI mobile sign.

How to display text on your DKOI mobile sign.

How to make a full program on your DKOI mobile sign.

About Us

Put our trailers to work!

We are proud to manufacture and sell high-quality sign trailers. Our trailers are manufactured using high-tech tube lasers, flat lasers, and robotic welding, ensuring the highest quality.

We are located in Rock Valley, IA.  Our sign trailers can elevate your business or event to a whole new level!

Our team of professionals can answer any questions you  have about our products, or expertly assist with any technical support.  

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.


3110 Eagle Ave, Rock Valley, Iowa 51247, United States

(712) 470-4954


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Saturday: By appointment

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